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  • Full diagnostics
  • Panoramic Radiograph
  • Panoramic Radiograph – Pediatric program
  • CBCT scan of the jaw
  • CBCT scan of the mandible


  • 3D software to use in endodontics
  • Small imaging field (4cm x 4cm and 5cm x 5cm)
  • Very high resolution.
  • Excellent communication with the patient
  • Various applications in endodontics
  • Pre-surgical treatment planning
  • Simple treatment planning
  • It exposes the anatomy of the canals
  • Confirms or excludes the presence of disease-related changes
  • Planning of implantological surgeries
  • Comfortable face-to-face positioning
  • Positioning without the use of laser lines
  • A comfortable patient stabilizer
  • The open space, which extends before the patient’s eyesight increases the patient’s comfort
  • Short exposure time shortens the risk of patient movement
  • The quiet operation of the device increases the patient’s comfort