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Whitening therapy lasts almost 45 minutes. The doctor isolates teeth from saliva using light-cured protective layers that are carefully painted onto the gums and papilla before the bleaching agent is placed on the tooth surface. The whitening material is activated by using a BEYOND accelerator for about 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated 3 times. The use of cold light prevents unpleasant tooth irritation during as well as after the whitening process. The entire treatment is fully safe, long- lasting and very effective. If, after a few years teeth turn darker, it will be enough to use whitening paste, scaling or perform simple and cheap whitening refreshment treatment to restore your smile to its previous state.

During 24 hours after whitening, a“white diet” is mandatory. It means that you shouldn’t eat or drink coloured meals or drinks. Dentists recommend about 7 days of “white diet”. Patients who smoke should restrain from smoking for at least 48 hours, during which enamel is highly exposed to stains.