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Pediatric dentistry

Children are the most sensitive patients, responsive to all kinds of stimuli – both mental and physical. An improperly organized and executed visit to the dentist can forever connect oral hygiene and taking regular care of one’s teeth with negative memories, sadness and even fear. The long-term effects of neglecting dental treatment later in life due to such first impressions can be extremely detrimental for your little loved one’s health and psyche. That’s why at AlbusDent, our focus is on your child’s happiness and healthiness.

That’s why we treat in a lively, colorful and stress-free environment. An appropriate approach by the dentist towards a child during initial visits is very important.The key task of the doctor is to create a good atmosphere and allow the child to develop positive associations, in turn relieving any emotional tension they may be experiencing. That is why our doctors, with their gentle approach and proven track record in treating young and infant patients, are the choice for a visit free of anxiety and fear.

During treatment, young patients are distracted from the procedure itself by monitors displaying their teeth and what the doctor is doing. This is possible through the use of an intraoral camera. An added attraction during procedures is the ability to watch the patient’s favourite cartoons.

Rewards after the visit motivate and encourage your child to return.

In short, proper execution and a personable approach on the part of the doctor during the first few visits are what determine whether your child enjoys the dentist or not. It is crucial that these initial experiences be a source of pleasant memories and the development of trust. This, in turn, will allow your child to develop proper dental habits and a willingness to come back for systematic treatment throughout their lives.

Prior to their time with out doctors, your child is welcome to join our other patients in our play area. There are toys, books, colouring books, television and interactive multimedia.

Remember that:
We have the most modern, specialized equipment and qualified doctors and assistants in order to treat your child painlessly and stress-free. We seal and apply varnish to your teeth!