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Esthetic dentistry

The true hallmark of each of us is a beautiful and healthy smile. However, we are not always comfortable using it, excusing ourselves with the fact that our teeth are not pearly light or are not white as in the case of Hollywood stars. We often focus on dental discoloration, occurring diastema, spots or chipped teeth, which we feel do not add charm to our teeth. At AlbusDent we recognize and are familiar with these needs and promise to make your smile more beautiful!

The most popular and most spectacular (with regards to visual effect) of the many solutions to these types of defects are ceramic veneers. These are thin, usually ceramic, plates applied and permanently fixed to the surface of the tooth. They give teeth a uniform and natural colour, improve their shape, and even out their alignment and size.

Veneers are used in:

patients with permanent discoloration of teeth that cannot be bleached,

people with diastema (gaps between teeth),

people who have irregularities on the surface of their teeth,

people who want to cover any ugly, unsightly fillings,

people who want to adjust the size or shape of their teeth.

The procedure of applying veneers is carried out in two stages:

In the first stage, the dentist has to file off the enamel of the tooth surface (a very thin surface of the enamel is polished in such a way that the tooth is not damaged, but prepared for application of the veneer.) For patients with sensitive teeth, the enamel is polished after administration of anaesthesia. Then an impression is taken of the teeth, so that veneers perfectly match the patient’s bite.

Before starting the second part of the procedure, the patient then needs to wait for up to two weeks. During that time, a prosthodontist models the personalized veneers. Veneers are now most often prepared using state of the art computer applications and technologies, reducing wait times.

The patient’s next visit is to cement the veneers directly onto the their teeth. Thanks to this procedure, they are permanently attached and perfectly matched. Any difference between the patient’s own teeth and the applied veneers is imperceptible visually and does not cause discomfort.

Ceramic veneers are extremely durable, and the risk of them falling off is reduced to a minimum thanks to the quality of materials we apply. However, please bear in mind that in order to maintain the procedure’s intented effects for a long time, proper oral care must be maintained.

While this treatment is relatively expensive, it is gaining great popularity due to its efficiency and longevity. For many patients, gaining satisfaction and confidence from a beautiful Hollywood smile, makes the treatment costs negligible.